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Living Consciously.

Posted by Svetlana Petrov on November 7, 2011 at 8:45 PM

Have you been wondering why we experience same situations throughout all our lives?

Have you been in a bad relationship hoping that next one will be different, but instead the worst part repeats itself.

May be you had one job where you did not get along with your boss, changed the jobs just to find out that the next boss is just like the previous one. Or maybe every company you worked for went bankrupt.

The problem is our subconscious mind that acts like a computer, whatever program was put in there will repeat itself until it is realized and changed by our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind does not understand words like no or not. So if you say “Please do not let me experience this situation again.” Your subconscious will ignore word “not” and you will be faced with the same problem over and over again, may be just in a different size, shape or form. According to Laws of Attraction dwelling on your past creates a time loop that repeats the experiences of the past into the future.

By living consciously every moment is the only way we can change the loop. That means being aware of your thoughts, intentions and emotions. Our thoughts are electrical and the emotions are magnetic put two and two together and you attract what you ask for.

On the top of that our subconscious is programmed to react, as it is used to react to familiar situations. It was programmed by your life experiences, your parents, school and so on. Realizing your reaction patterns and correcting them consciously invites a wider range of possibilities allowing for well being and happiness. The past simply becomes a neutral experience, or just a historic event for reference. Yesterday’s pain has no bearing on tomorrow. The information, knowledge and wisdom gained from the past assist us in making better decisions about our current and future well-being.

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