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Posted by Svetlana Petrov on November 9, 2011 at 9:35 PM


It all started 6 years ago when I discovered a round lump under the skin on my breast. I went to a doctor who told me that it was a fatty tissue deposits that could be taken out if I wanted to. Well I did not want to touch it, but kept an eye on it. It has not changed in 6 years except it got hard. Few weeks ago I started using peroxide as a cure for my back problems in my baths, which helped my back tremendously and as a “bonus” I noticed that my bump on my breast became soft, opened up and the fatty deposits started coming out. I was exited until…

I noticed that within 4 days it got infected and I knew I had to act fast. I was scared that if I go to a hospital or a regular doctor I will be forced to take antibiotics, probably numerous tests and possibly an operation, so I went to my holistic Dr. Yakovleva, first she treated me with red and infrared light, low level laser for chronic inflammation together with acupressure to boost my immune system and Reiki. I also called my naturopathic doctor who I was not able to see me right away, but who told me to take 10gramms of salt with a glass of distilled water 3 times a day to prevent the spread of the infection.

Two days later when I came back for another treatment the doctor told me that at this point if the infection spreads to my lymph and my body temperature will go up I have to call the surgeon right away.

In a mean time realizing how serious it can get I was kipping up a high spirited attitude, even though it was hard to do when my close friends and relatives were beating the panic drums and pushing me to go the hospital. Being a Reiki master and a healer myself I knew I had to trust my intuition and my mind to beat the infection.

This is what I did continuously, especially after being overwhelmed by fear:

1. By repeating affirmation: “I am Happy!! I am Happy” I was raising my vibrations. Happy vibrates at the higher frequencies then fear.

2. I pretended that I already beat the decease and in my mind I was jumping up and down singing: “I beat it! I beat it!! I am healthy and I happy!!!”

3. I held my hands over the infected area repeating: “ Harmony and Alignment”

4. This is one of my more advanced healing techniques: In my imagination I take in my hands a silver sphere, hollow inside with a mirror lining. Spin the sphere clockwise. Then I take my situation seeing it in details as is, imagine it unraveling by a thread and moving into the center of the silver sphere until it all being concentrated by the mirror inside into a point and burned.

After my second treatment at Dr. Yakovleva clinic I went to my naturopathic Doctor, that I call simply, Victor, who gave me a shot of unknown to me, substance to stop the infection from spreading. By the time I got home that night I found mucus leaking out of my infected area, which was a size of 1.5” square. At this point I knew I was on my way to recovery, the worst was over. On the third visit to Dr.Yakovleva, she treated me with a lazier wound healing, together with acupressure. That evening, just few hours later I could see my wound drying up and shrinking right in front of my eyes.


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