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Eyesight and Possibilities

Sight recovery exercise vidio

♦ Train your eyes to see aura and more.

Eye training exercise:
1. Look at the sun setting or rising when its just at the horizon. Stare at it without blinking squirming your eyes a bit until you see the sun bluish - silver - gray color instead of yellow or orange. That is its true color.
2. Stare at the tiles or checkered board squirming your eyes until the picture becomes 3D. Try to make it smaller and then larger.
3. After you succeed with your previous exercise you can now look at the blue sky on the sunny day squirming your eyes again till you see tiny bubbles or spots in the air. 
Make them rain over you and enjoy it. This is the light of  the "Absolute".
4. Same as #3 only look for pulsing circles 30 degrees up from the earth. That is a flower of life.

Great site on seeing aura:

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