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How I helped my husband with new  jobs. I have been practicing  Feng Shui for 5 years. When me and my husband  moved to our first apartment together I decorated it according to the same ideas as described in  Easy Reference Guide to Feng Shui.
My first Gua is in my entrance.   It  has  big painting of fountain, road and the garden.
My husband changed many jobs during those 7 years, but he has never been out of work. Every time he is in between jobs and gets frantic about it, I stay calm because I know when one door closes, the other opens and the painting will help to point in the right direction, because I place it there with a thought.                                                                                            Lisa M., New York.

 How  I met my husband.

I was 35 and single living in NYC. Have you seen "Sex in the City"? I was Charlotte, except I was poor.
I met an interesting woman that taught Feng Shui. I took her course. My goal was a husband and a child, Oh! Did I mention that I was unemployed and living with my retired parent?
She told me to paint a big tree as to represent stability of the masculine aspect and put all the thoughts of desired outcome into the painting, so I bought a lamp and painted a big tree on the lampshade. On that tree I put a nest with a mother and a baby birds in it. I put that lampshade on my night stand and went on with my life.
One year later I was with a child, but no husband. When my doughtier was 6 month old I took another look at my  lampshade and realized:" I never painted a male bird, it was only mother and a baby bird on my picture", so I painted a bird flying towards the nest. I gave my doughtier a paint brush and asked her to sign it. 
2 weeks later I met my future husband. I am happily  married  now and we love our man very much. 
                                                                                                Kathleen N.,New York
                                                           My friend Vidya's story.

  I only got a chance to visit your web site today – the paintings are beautiful and I read your  stories! – wow, very interesting – I myself noticed great strides in my career and love of life when I started practicing Feng Shui, honestly, I thought I would never get married! but within a month of placing objects and  sleeping in a different direction, I met Allan - my fiancee.

                                                                                                Vidya G. Canada.

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