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Magical Passes - Awakening consciousness of the womb.
Shamanic rituals for women.

 When  wamen-shamans of ancient times  saw energies surrounding our bodies  they noticed that some movements lead to physical health, psychological balance and spiritual strength.

According to ancient knowledgethe womb has access to the deepest energy levels of the Universe. The womb can create a human being and a balance of body-energy-consciousness and is also a chanell of energy for personal evolution. 
The magical passes movements were passed down from woman to woman for thousands  of years and were protected from unwanted individuals by secrecy, but now is the  time to release the knowledge to anyone who wants to learn.

Magical Passes  is a set of  12 exercises that , completes your energy field (aura) by making it more whole and resistant to unwonted entities. 
The passes when performed regularly make women highly desirable and glowing with inner attraction.
Women become more healthy, creative, confident and successful.
Learn them privately with our master or create a group for  more affordable rate. 
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