School of Practical Magic

Secrets of Abundant Love

Power of Mind.
Love starts with your thoughts.
Your loving thoughts create love in your life.
Positive statements will change your perspective of yourself and others.

Power of Respect.
To love somebody is to respect them.
Find something to respect in everyone and start with people you do not like.

Power of giving.
Before you can receive love you have to learn to give it.
Learn giving without expecting anything in return.

Power of Friendship.
To find true love, find a friend first.
To love someone does not mean look into somebody's eyes,
but look into the world in the same direction.
Love someone for who they are not what they look like.

Power of Touch.
-When  you open your arms you open your hart.
-Touch changes physical and emotional state and makes people 
more receptive to love.
-Touch can cure the body and warm up the hart.

Power of Communication.
-To love somebody is communicate with them.
-When we communicate openly and honestly our lives change.
-Never pass the opportunity to compliment somebody or to tell them that you love then, it might be your last chance.

Power of Commitment.
-Commitment is a true examination for love.
-When you are committed to someone, leaving is not the option.

Power of Passion.
-Spontaneity and sup rise create passion.
-Develop passion for living and you will create passion in love.
-Remind yourself of the times when you felt passion and recreate it.

Power of Trust.
-Love without trust is an aggravation.
-Trust in yourself, others and life.
-Cherish the trust for yourself and act not to betray it.

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