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Collecting your own energies lost in your past.

When we experience love or hurt, joy or sorrow, excitement and euphoria we give out some of our energy. Death of a loved one can cause severe energy loss, some people never recover. When we grow older we become less energized, weary and sentimental, little things make us cry. 
The law of the universe states that energy does not disappear, therefore the energy you gave out during your lifetime is still hanging somewhere. You have to claim it back for yourself in order to be more stronger and healthier individual.

Meditation to claim you energy:
Sit comfortably, relax, breath deeply and imagine earth energy coming up your spine and exiting from the crown chackra and the sky energy entering your body from above into crown chakra down your spine and into the earth. After few minutes of deep breathing and visualization you can proceed.
You have to remember every relationship you ever had in details. Take one person at the time, but start with the one that caused you the most pain. Remember all your times together from the first time you laid eyes on each other to the last. Gather as much details as you can remember, see yourself there again, sweep away all the negativity and collect all the wonderful, loving, caring and exiting energy. See that energy as a golden light entering your body through the solar plexus till it's all in  and then disconnect yourself from the situation, just pretend that you cutting it off from yourself with a sword. If the exercise performed correctly you should feel a great relief. You have just claimed part of your soul back. 
How do you know if you claimed your energy back? - Go back into the same part of your life and if you feel no hurt and no sorrow only good feeling then you got it back, if not repeat until you do.
You will probably say that it is not possible to remember all your life in details, but  you will see that the more energy you collect the more you will remember.
Do this meditation every day for 5-10 minutes and you will feel stronger then ever.

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